In our more-than-a-decade career, KRUSS Properties has racked up more than Kshs 1 billion in sales, consistently ranking as one of the top property agents in the Coast of Kenya.

What we do as property agents:


Our fees depend on the combination of services required, location of the properties, type of contractual assignment, etc. Below mentioned is some guiding structure of agency fees:

Letting on behalf of landlordBetween 50%-100% of monthly rentPayable by landlord
Selling on behalf of landlordBetween 3%-10% of final selling pricePayable by landlord
Executive Property Search (rent)From 10,000 Kshs upto 50% of monthly rentPayable by tenant
Executive Property Search (purchase)Between 1%-10% of final purchase pricePayable by buyer
Move-in / Move-out inspectionFrom 5,000 KshsPayable by ordering party (or shared)
Property ReviewFrom 5,000 KshsPayable by landlord
Market AnalysisFrom 10,000 KshsPayable by ordering party

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