• Interiors/Exteriors Photo and Virtual Tours

    We have partnered with an Italian-origin photographer specialized in Interiors photography and Virtual tour. She is a Google Trusted Photographer since 2012; published on Google hundreds of virtualtours realized inside Resorts and Villas, many of which located in Kenya.

    Making photograph exclusively with RAW files using the HDR technique, to obtain the perfect balance of the lights and enhance the view of the windows. Taking care of every detail before and after the shooting and, if required, the set-ups are done.

    This is why many Luxury Hotels and Restaurants in Italy and Kenya have chosen us to photograph their own location and promote it on the web

    It would be a pleasure to cooperate in advertising your beautiful locations and we are available for a meeting to talk in person.

    Samples of her work:


    The Virtual Tour is an incredible showcase of your business at 360° visible everywhere in the world 24h a day and 365 days per year. People can enter and walk virtually inside your Hotel, Restaurant, Shop, and turning around the same way they are really inside. 

    Once it has been published on Google it remains forever for free and you can embed it in your web site, Facebook page and print the QR code in your brochures. You can even choose your favorite point of view and get the link from Google Maps to share with your clients.


    1. Creation of Google Business page of your Business or optimization of the existing one.
    2. Realization of the 360° virtual tour after checking the setting up and the best light in the areas. We can give you suggestion to prepare the locations if needed. 
    3. Realization of the professional photo-shooting, when requested (10 pictures are complimentary with a virtual tour).
    4. Editing of the images (We prefer shooting with RAW files and HDR technique to get high quality outcome and the best view from the window), then mounting of the panoramic files and publishing on Google. 
    5. Delivery of high resolution files (for the stills) and html codes to embed the virtual tour in your web site.
    6. Tips on managing the Google My Business page and the virtual tour. 

    Price and time for the realization depend how many area you want to shoot. CALL 0732936431 for a free quote!