• Furniture Rent / Lease in Mombasa

    Need furnished property and not satisfied with the options currently available in Mombasa?

    With KRUSS Furniture Rental, you are able to choose an unfurnished apartment and we fully furnish it for you!

    Guiding charges for furnishing (Valid from 15.10.2018) :

    1br     –   35,000 /month +VAT

    2br     –   43,000 /month +VAT

    3br     –   49,000 /month + VAT

    +6,000 /month +VAT for each additional bedroom  (4th/5th/6th)

    + 3,000 /month+VAT  for each Air-Conditioner to be installed


    NOTE: every single case is unique,  so above are estimations and not a final legal offer.

    Minimum Lease is 6 months. Security Deposit of 2 months. Time required to furnish – from 10 working days.