• Property Valuation in Mombasa

    We undertake valuation of all types of real estate properties including land, buildings, etc. for various purpose such as mortgage, sale/ purchase, accounting/ book keeping, Insurance, Rental Assessment etc.

    We have professional licensed valuers with vast experience in Mombasa region.


    Rates for valuation services are calculated, based on the value of the property:

    According to Kenya Laws, we charge

    20,000/= from the first 2,000,000/=; any amount above 2,000,000 is charged at 0.25% of the amount.

    Example, your property value is 5,000,000.   Valuation fee will be calculated as 20,000+ 0.25%*(5,000,000-2,000,000)=20,000+7,500 = 27,500.

    In addition to valuation fee, you are to cover expenditures related (like transport, etc.)

    We propose discounts if you have several properties to be valued;  as well for high value properties.


    Process steps:

    You leave written instructions; copy of ID for owners (or relevant documents for corporate bodies); ownership documents (title/certificate of lease). Make down-payment. We make a site visit and prepare full scale report. Pay balance on receiving official valuation report.